The Ghost Tour of Guildford


Philip Hutchinson

The tour is run by Philip Hutchinson (a professional actor and Equity member) who is a Life Member of The Ghost Club, the oldest paranormal society in the world ( He is a skeptic who has attended many paranormal investigations (rarely finding anything, it must be said).

A well-known figure in the town, he has also run Guildford Castle Keep for the Borough Council since 1994 and is a founding member of Lucky Dog Theatre Productions ( who have been touring his plays internationally since 2013. He wrote and directed the sell-out show 'An Investigation', an immersive piece of terror theatre at The Spike Workhouse in Guildford with Pranksters Theatre Company (, who also take part in the yearly Hallowe'en tours. He is also one of the best known Jack the Ripper tour guides in the world, working exclusively for Discovery Tours (

Haunted Book He is the author of the popular 'Haunted Guildford' (History Press, 2006) as well as 'Images of England: Guildford' (History Press, 2006), 'Guildford Past and Present' (History Press, 2008), 'The London of Jack the Ripper Then and Now' (DB Publishing, 2007) and 'The Jack the Ripper Location Photographs: Dutfield's Yard and The Whitby Collection' (Amberley, 2009) and is credited in many books about ghosts, Guildford and true crime. He can sometimes be seen on TV being interviewed about serial killers, although he is not personally one himself.


The Ghost Tour Of Guildford is a fixture in the town and has been featured on various television programmes and independent documentaries. Appearances include Kilroy (BBC 1), The Big Breakfast (Channel 4), Haunted Britain (Channel 5), Xchange (CBBC), Meridian News (Meridian), That's Surrey (That's TV) and Den'en Kobo D'z TV in Japan. It has also been featured in the press and on the radio many times, including a series of guest slots on BBC Southern Counties.


I research and write books on folklore, and have been on many different ghost walks and tours. I think Philip's Ghost Tour of Guildford is one of the best, if not the best walk I have ever been on. He has a perfect blend of facts and legends to engage any audience.
I did the ghost tour with my two sons and have to say it was great fun, lots of spooky stories with some local history thrown in too, the guide's quirky sense of humour added to the fun, we thoroughly recommend you give it a go.
The most fun you can have on a Friday night for a fiver! My sides still hurt months later.
Very fun evening out with friends. Got to learn lots of history about Guildford as well as a few funny/spooky stories. Well worth the money and something a little different.
Great tour, funny and highly amusing. The tour operator is highly knowledgeable and engaging. Recommend going on this tour if you want the darker side of Guildford to be brought to life. Thank you.
At one point he took a foot out of a bag with a shoe on it. It was just disgusting.
(Anonymous answerphone message complaint)
I like dead people more than cheese.
(Random Scout whom I promised I would quote as we walked through a graveyard)